Albufeira probably would be the place where I would go to party. And that's where I watched football and F1. Though had some SW wind before coming there and anchorage was very very bumpy. And the marina looks poor surrounded by brown grass but enterance between rocks looks awesome. Didn't go anyway.

After that Faro river was total relief. Well.. Tidal current and wind was doing tricks with every boat differently. That was really weird to watch.


But on the way I caught some nice fish. Some atlantic mackarel and atlantic bonito?


The city itself? Nothing impressive to be honest...

Anchorage at Quadro Aguas - had 5 different information sources - by charts none showed detailed depth - Navionics shows 0.2m where I am anchored now. Most of them said there is enough depth to anchor at 3m. Currently they are dredging. Which is good for all of us only I had to move 4 times and had one sleepless night because they put me in between two boats on about 25 meters gap during spring tides. If not alarm clock I would have kissed one of the sailboats. After that decided to move outside them. And yet to move free dredging zone. And some wood sticks coming with the ebb. Boom boom. Boom boom. Into to the hull.

Tavira tavira tavira...

Beautiful town. I would come back there once again. The problems are that it is quite far away from anchorage - no problem when my dingy can plane on around 10 knots. Not sure that would be possible with someone else onboard. Also no floating pontoons but it was time to setup dinghy wheels I got in the UK. And the river is not light up so coming back after dark is quite tricky.


Also went to Cabanas with dinghy. Total runaway holidays village. Nothing much to do except kitesurfing school and ferries which take to wonderful beaches. End of September and it seems tourists are fading.


Santa Luzia. Similar to Cabanas but I liked this one more. If you are a couple who is tired of city life routine and want quiet holiday and just lay on the beach and have good food - this seems like a place for you.


I forgot to mention Alvor. And the lagoon for kitesurfing. Nice place indeed but everybody writes about it so nothing new.

Tomorrow is time to leave Portugal and get back to Spain.