It feels good! Skippering and learning the boat. And it is only the beginning...


I want to thank the boat and the crew.


Plymouth to La Coruna - 497nm (3 days 12 hours).

We had everything. About 40 hours of motor-sailing and dolphins playing at the bow. Squalls with third reef and it felt it was still not enough. Wind givings by my guess is showing 5-10 knots less than it should.
She is not that stable as long keels so sometimes you have to work quite a lot with helm in short steep waves but there is nothing new about it.

Thank you James from Cleone for advises, wine and zip tape (or whatever it is called). Furling line had chafed and somehow needed to hold left overs of foresail rolled in.

Thank you Graham from Papaver for all the tips, good spirit and gifts like charts and pilot books.

Thank you Rob for all the work and support.

And thank you Neville for finding the boat.


Boring stuff:
I still need to stop little chafing around the drum (hose helped to stop the main one).
I lost one batten adjustment cover so I had to remove top batten.
Also I found 3 small wholes at the top of the main sail at the same level so it can't be chafed by spreaders. Not sure how sailmakers ignored those.
I need to secure main sail track runners because they unscrew PTFE thread tape did the job for first one.
Of course I need to find the cover for top batten adjustment.
And on bad conditions deck guard joints are leaking in many places which is really annoying because on most parts it is not screwed but something different.

Oh. And autopilot. I will take my bad words back after doing sea trial if it will get better.

Now just a cleanup, some fixes and single-handed life. Seems to be plenty 30-40nm coastal hoppings. I need to get to Cascais till September.