I always wanted to have a pilot license. To have my own plane and be free. But there was something wrong with that idea.

I felt miserable and broken as my first own business was not successful for me. And it did not feel right and I couldn't stay in the office writing software my whole life. Something was missing. Or I just was getting bored too quickly. I always had to change something when I get bored. I would dig a hole and would push myself into it so that I would get a challenge to get out of it.

I do remember that idea appearing in my head. Lying on the beach during Heineken Opener music festival. Drunk and watching the waves and boats passing by. And it hit me! Sailboats are like a home you can travel in. You don't need to pay for a room in a random hotel and you can leave whenever you want.

That was when I created my five years plan. The range was totally random. It just felt OK. To buy a sailboat and try to get freedom. I had a goal. At that time I even didn't know if I get seasick or not. There was just determination that I can surpass it.

And it started to happen. I don't feel like I was pushing very hard. It was just happening. I was going towards it. Having sailing lessons. Meeting people. Finding foreign clients to earn more money. Getting bored. Moving to the UK.

Nearly four years ago I came to Gibraltar and got my RYA Day skipper license.


If someone would have told me that I will come here with my own sailboat... Probably I would have said that I am nuts. Bust most likely I would have been dancing out of joy :)

In 2011. Beeing there I noticed new post on Facebook that Lithuanian sailboat is crossing Atlantic for winter and I made my goal to get back with it. Crossing the ocean was a challenge and about 3 years and 7 months ago I stepped out in Tarifa after Atlantic Corssing.


I do remember that after that I caught myself not wanting to get stuck in the daily maintenance problems. I'd rather would do coastal sailing with charter boats or just as crew.

I do remember it was really hard to come back to normal life after three months sailing.

But sea was calling. I had backpacking trip from Bangkok to Singapore and was trying to get a sailboat lift from Thailand south to Malaysia and noone wanted to take me. One reason was that they didn't want to take unknown person across the border because of drugs trafficing. But mostly they didn't care! They were perfectly happy and enjoying their life without intruders. And I got annoyed and wanted to be in their place. My five year plan was back!

Living in Vietnam. Or Canaries. Learning kitesuring or surfing.

And here I am. Living now five months on board and three months sailing. I left homeport on 2nd of August. Portsmouth to Gibraltar. Total 1494 nautical miles. About half of it alone. Mostly in good weather and nearly 200 engine hours.

I still feel how naive I was those years and how naive I still am for my future me.

Still to make mistakes and so much to learn. Somehow it does not feel I can get bored of it. Only places can get boring. And perfect compromise is software development. I am starting to miss it.

Part of me still doesn't believe I am doing this but I am interested what future will bring next...