Last two weeks I've spent more on land than on water. Strange to come back to the motion even after a while. But you adapt pretty fast.

Twice I slept at friends' place who work in Gibraltar and live in Spain. Had BBQ and amazing Gambas pil pil. I want to learn to make this dish on board!

Gambas pil pil

Also I went to London (Airplane AC and Public transport made me sneezing quite a lot - nothing surprising) to visit doctors and to bring back folding bicycle and some electronics as well.

Ecosmo 20'' bicycle

So far amazing ride. Ecosmo 20" and only for £199 which weights only 11kg and frame is made from alloy.
I've used it only less than a week and it might break eventualy but so far I am very happy in the department of "Buy cheap and make it durable for sailing routine".

I think I've met my next dream sailboat. No-offence Alka!

Sexy sailboat

It looks like beeing about 46-50 foot and I was too shy to hang around and ask about details on her but let me know if you know something about her. I am in love... I want her when I will be old and will have more money than brain :)

So! Speaking about Friday the 13th.

I was planning to leave Gibraltar a bit disappointed - I couldn't get a lot of parts from chandleries, windwane is still late to arrive and I could not fix my broken bow anchor roller.

Time to slip the lines. I am dropping slip line and it is sinking very slowly. But the wind is pushing the boat sideways and after just couple of seconds I have to go backwards to not to touch neighbour boats. After sometime the engine starts to stuggle and shuts off. I am trying again and it shuts off again. F#$% ME!!! Trying to drop mooring lines on other boats to stop drifting but no luck.

Help... But I am in the middle of two mooring peers. I am thinking about my friends who took Friday as day off for a trip to Ceuta and we are screwed. But not drifting anymore...

It appears lazy line was cought by propeller and it took in slip line as well. Badly. Because I tried to run engine 3-4 times hoping that rope cutter would do the job but no luck.

So they took me back in my place. Hire diver for resque? No! I got my wetsuit and in less than an hour it was clear. I think I have bigger lungs now :) £60 for new slip line and 2 hours late I was free to go to Ceuta.

You might think it is Friday the 13th but I don't believe that nonsence. It is like bullshit horoscopes. It is like whisling is a bad sign while sailing with Lithuanians. One of the reasons that I have British flag is that I love whisling while I am sailing and never bad things happen because of that :)

They say that food is cheaper in Ceuta than in mainland. And it seems that diesel is cheaper than in Gibraltar as well... But marina charges are high. €13-17 low season rates around Gibraltar with €28 per night here? Are you serious?

And it was first time I did aft berting with Alka. It was smooth and solid. I was really surprised. Maybe because sideways moorings during Yachtmaster prep tought me a lesson or five.


But we are in Africa now. We feel good :)