Wind generator is there. But vibration descends to the hull and it sounds scary when it spins... Other people say I just will have get used to it :) Could not make triangle with supporting poles but seems pretty solid. Glad I have done it while I was ashore - have no idea how many times I have dropped bolts and spanners.

Still waiting for sprayhood to be fixed so I could put solar panel on it.

Good thing that we unbolted magnetic valves on cooker which seemed in a good condition. Found leakage in different place and after properly bolting it there is no leakage anymore! That means no need of buying replacement valves which cost a lot or even buying new cooker. Phew...

Though fridge evaporator plate was leaking so had to buy new one. Still using ice to cool the fridge.

Tomorrow dealing with navigation led lights (got wrong size delivered) and buying and replacing halyards (I thought I have plenty of rope as leftovers when I bought the boat. Unfortunately that rope was not that useful) as on Tuesday new standing rigging is coming so probably the mast will be resteped as well.

Oh.. And yet another name change procedure as I got long and usable one suggested by brokers as Pintail was taken..