One morning it just didn't turn on... When I bought the boat it was only flickering and the repeater in the cockpit was totally fine. Eventually I figured out that all the system is discontinued and previous owner didn't care about fixing it. Shame on him!
I can see when the screen changes colour to more dark but no data. And repeater shows sign that no signal from main station.


Of course the charts are old on it but it had waypoints, cross tracks and all instruments' data around. And most important - radar at the helm. Now I will have to use laptop and tablet for basic navigation
If anyone knows how to fix this Simrad CR44 I am willing to pay up to £200-€250.

Good news though. First free dinner on this boat :) Well, probably two.


Oh yes. I use midships line first for mooring when doing everything alone. So I stepped out and kleeted but the boat was still moving forwards and kissed the pontoon with the bow. Or stopped itself with it. Whichever option you like better :) Seems no visual damage but will have to review the video and improve from this accident.

Next Nazare, Peniche, Cascais and old friends. And I can smell surfing! Good times :)