It is true. It is a thing from now on. Tavira is just about 1nm up the river from Quadro Aguas where I am anchored and apparently there are some open Wi-Fi hotspots. Unfortunately it is obstructed by some buildings and trees which means I get stable signal only on high water :) Sometimes. But thats what mobile internet is for.


Another bad thing happened - outboard lost power in the middle of the river. Good thing - I was only 200 meters from the boat, not in Tavira against the tide :) But it is fixed now just shear pin got broken.

And it is more than two weeks without visiting marina. I got some extra water from local sailing club. Food from supermarkets. Clean underwear will end up at some point but it can be washed without using laundry :) Though I need to replace empty gas bottles which one of it lasts around 3-4 weeks.