Two amazing anchorages. San Francisco and Islas Cies.


Nice to wake up in the morning and watch fishermen. It is warm here. And sunnier. Which means there are way more flies! All the spiders I got from the UK seem not to do their job! Oh well... :)

After recalibrating the autopilot seems to start working way way better. Which helps a lot to make tea or hoist the sails. I even started considering doing night sail.

And those two last legs (38nm and 45nm) were pleasure - 10 -15 knots of wind with gusts up to 20 knots. Like in this photo - I wish I could start the engine and let the sails at the last possible second. But no! My wind generator is not working properly anymore. So I need to use the engine to charge the batteries.


That means troubleshooting, testing and contacting manufacturers first instead of exploring this island and sewing unfinished upholstery. Welcome back to to bureaucracy.


Next stop might be Portugal.