After my first single-handed night sail (by autopilot). Was hoping to catch last glimpse of some wind but was too late. Because chain was jamming between gypsy and stripper (nice name for a piece of metal  - just what I found in Lofrans windlasses service manual. Italians...). I already bought the right gypsy to match the chain which has improved things but apparently not smoothly enough as in every 1-5 meters it still jams. No fun to leave anchorage while you are dragging and some boats are behind you... But that job will be for tomorrow.

After having only three naps 10 minutes each on the trip I slept about 16 hours somehow. And it supposed to be bad weather today so decided to just relax and visit Porto.

Porto really has its own charm.


After coming back and having added more mooring lines and springs as bad weather kicked in I have noticed something different... Horseshoe was not in place and wire holder battered and outboard turned on the side. Someone hit me! Seems not a big deal after investigation. But marina'as stuff came to me and told me everything that on leave going backwards French boat were pushed onto me and he was going to ask for documents from them. No surprise about the hit. The place has weird current + wind push. I also drifted onto my neighbours while trying to moor - it is not so easy to leave the helm and run to throw the lines onshore very quickly. Fortunately I had my fenders ready on both sides and my neighbours as well. And the marina stuff is really helpful! Will see how it goes...