It was very annoying...
I was expecting to motor a little bit and was happy when wind came back earlier than expected. Unfortunately not for long.
It ran away faster and another one hadn't cought up with me. So I was motoring nearly two days. Had plenty of sleep though.
Even had a guest.

Statistics - Mallorca -> Greece. 13 days - including two stops (1 night in Sardegna and 4 in Sicily). 1000 nautical miles. Bam!

First stop - anchoring at Methoni - nice and calm place.

Transport in Methoni

Decided to stop at Kalamata as in almanac it said it has chandleries. I think I have made mistake not buying Greek water pilot. And they didn't have that one. So had to order it online and will have it in Rhodes.

Really lively town. Restaurants and coffee shops full of people. Went for evening rider before dark and accidentaly ended up in the park where flowers were sold.

Broken autopilot arm
Broken autopilot arm

As for bureaucracy. There is a fee for entering Greece waters for boats. I though I will pay it in the marina. But no, I was sent to the Port Authorities where two people were handling me. And then I had to go to the Tax Office to pay and get the receipt as proof. In there there is one dedicated man to make receipts and another one who handles money. Brilliant! Timewise it took me only 1 hour.

But it is time to start moving towards Cyclades islands and disappear in it for three weeks until I will have to be in Rhodes island to get some guests on board. June will be amazing!

P.S. On 31st of May it will be 1 year me living onboard Alka.

P.S.S. Seems that Marine Traffic is better on showing positions in Greece.