Las Palmas

It has been a while.
But there were off-board things happening. And the need of money.

  • First plan - Hauling out the boat and going back to London to try to find 6 months contract.
  • Second plan - I got an offer to work remotely. That means I can get back to Lithuania and work at my parents' or so. Remote contracts are less paid but living costs in my birth country are way smaller.
  • Third plan - Long term dry dock is very very expensive in Canary islands. And Las Palmas marina is cheap. So we decided to stay there until September. It wasn't easy as they were fixing two pontoons and asked us to leave (we had flights away so had to go to another marina in the south of the island). And it took a while for us to get long term birth when we got back.

Anyway... We are in Las Palmas marina. Working and make modifications for Alka until we will leave towards Cape Verde and across Atlantic Ocean.