So I made a gamble for this one. Bought the cheapest I could find two domestic 100W semi-flexible monocrystalline Biard solar panels for £130 (€175). Unfortunately it was not ready for a lot of movement on the boat and glue with silicone did not hold the black connection box were solar panel with cables were joined. On the other hand it is just soldered and screwed connection. And the black box has additional holes already! So just drill through the panel and find some bolts. Also I used extra 1 inch wires which were soldered with the panel and later to be connected to current wires inside the black box. Otherwise it would be nightmare. I hate soldering. Until today (I think I found good technique). And for everything over the panel and inside connections just used a lot of Sikaflex!

That is what happens when there is no wind and voltage is low... Way more firm and hopefully will last longer.

6 amps on the peak in total. Probably even could do better but still don't have holders for panels so just used some MC4 connectors and splitters so could place were ever I want on the deck.