Every time I get on board I have to remind myself not to start doing work that is not mandatory (A category). Because it is endless and I find more and more what needs to be improved/fixed. And obviously I get demotivated of that uncertainty. Especially when I know that it should be straight forward but I have no knowledge of how it is called; what tools to use or buy; what is best approach to achieve that task. Happily there are other people who are willing to help and to teach me. So I just need to overstep that feeling of being hopeless and useless person.

Another scary idea was that I need at least 4.8m to launch the boat that means on 5ht of July only. Apparently it can be done from 4.5m and low pressure is needed. So hopefully more days can get into that range.


Hull is getting sanded. Keel will get rust treatment and will be primed. Prop shaft seal has to be replaced and shaft itself will be moved a bit backwards to give more space for rope cutter and probably future feathering propeller. After that I will learn how to service and seal seacocks. I will need a day off for that but I think it will be worth it.


A lot is happening in parallel like rigging check or refitting gas system but that can be dealt with later.

But I knew where I was stepping in and I will regret my whole life if I won't try it!