First thought - I am stuck. I have a habbit to go with engine backwords till I am absolutely sure the anchor is holding. This time it did not pay off. The chain is in so much tention something is really wrong and I have just taken half of it back. And that's why I got so short swing radius in about 9 meteres depth.
Ok. Tie up the chain with the rope and move back and forwards. After third try I am moving forward...
Lifting again and that's what I get...



The photo does not refrect the real size. My biggest CQR anchor I am currently using is 35 lbs or nearly 16kg. This one is 3 times bigger and probably 30-40kg. And the chain is so tangled. No surpirse. I am in the river with current nearly 2 knots which changes direction twice a day.
I don't want to lose my chain and anchor and cutting off this legacy into parts would take ages...
So I took long spring line. Put bowline around this big present and lifted it up on a winch. My chain got loose and I was able to untie it.
After that I had to cut only about 2 meters of the spring line and I was free! One hour of delay but satisfaction at the end.


Jamon and Mozarella sandwiches and beer for dinner. I think I deserve it :)