This happened in Grand Bahamas with Cristina Zenato the 'Shark Whisperer' who has more than 25 years experience of diving sharks. And she is still alive! That means maybe sharks are not that dangerous as press and movies do show about it. And I am starting to like them more and more.

Just to be clear.
 Sharks are very curious, shy and sneaky creatures.
 They don't have hands so check everything by biting.
 There are over 400 shark species, not only Great white shark (which is the dangerous one as they hunt creates of similar looking to humans).
 Would you go into lions' territory without any protection? Same is happening with sharks, it is their area, not yours.
 More elephants kill people per year than sharks. Unless you start splashing like an injured fish.
 90-99% of shark species are hunted down (mainly in last 30 years).
 Shark fin soup is very popular by chinese people, so slaughtering and poaching is happening.
 Shark meat is quite poisonous because they are top class predators and accumulate all crap from their pray.
 But don't even think about "playing" with them without any supervision!

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