Blocks with bearings were re-serviced. But there are grooves and will have to think about replacing it at some point.


Six winches were cleaned and greased. But I could not take some parts out and I forgot about the one on the mast.


Seacocks are properly fit now and it took nearly 5 hours for 6 seacocks for two people to refit properly. But could not open water intake deck fitting to clean the water system.


Wanted to test my SimNet<->NMEA2000<->USB system. But after testing connections and wires from wind and depth panels the SimNet network started to have glitches.

Finally tested batteries. But it went down to 12.1V just in 1 hour just with main navigation electronics on.

I have ordered many engine spare parts. It might be enough for next 4 years. But it was quite expensive.

This is my last week at work so I will move permanently to live on board. There is no but. The progress should be way faster and I will have amazing help!