[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dceu0ppZwXA]

After over 3 weeks living onboard onshore and having over a week of holidays it was amazing to step in and finally it felt like I am really onboard. It moves..


But it wasn't that easy. I asked to launch on 5th or 6th because only then I will be back. But on 3rd I received email that they are launching already. Another email told me that there is not enough water and I will have to wait to more weeks till next spring tides. It felt devastating.. But on 4th I received a call and they told me that it is in the water :)

I had to borrow Boatyard's tender which I had to row at first and only today I inflated my own and attached outboard.

Also have received new leather cover for the wheel. Looks amazing!


Next step. Fuel, engine, water and laundry.