This had happened a while a go.

Palamos bay

After crossing the Gulf of Lyon we anchored in the North East of the bay (anchor sign in the photo) near Palamos.
Then I inflated the tender and went to have some wine with beatiful lady. We were too tired to get onshore that evening though still were watching movies until late.
There were four boats in total. French one arrived nearly in the dark and achored further away west from us.
After midnight wind had picked up and I started to look outside and to compare our position with catamaran behind us. Gusting over 20 knots from North.
French boat migth be dragging. But it is hard to tell.
At about 2am I decided that I need the let out extra 5 meters of chain.
French boat is definetely dragging. And gonna crash into the mole between two green lateral marks.
What to do? I had some wine. Outboard is still locked on the pushpit. Rowing is not an option, especially for return against the wind.
Anyway, I made the decision. I think I did put on tender in record time (less than a minute?) and went after the boat. I was shouting and knocking on the hull until a naked man came out and understood what was happening. I think the boat was about 30 meters away from the mole.

I am not sure if I should be treated as a hero. But definetely would like to be waken up in such kind of situation by someone else. And should turn on anchor alarm more often.