After holidays and holidays finally I went sailing :) 3.5 months of absence. A little bit afraid and was looking for excuses to do "maybe tomorrow" but couldn't find any. Rusty skills already.

Nothing special, just couple of hours in the Bay of Gibraltar.

All anchoring improvements were tested without any issues.
Though one of the trolling boards doesn't sink properly. No fresh fish today :/
Still had some adjustment issues with the windvane.
NMEA/AIS system has started to struggle.

Also have tried my new action camera (Xiaomi YI). I have got extra batteries but I still need to learn to remember to switch it off properly if not filming because it drains way faster than my drowned Contour 2.

March will be the month of guests. Dear friends are visiting from Friday. And on their leave my mother and uncle are coming!
Not much time for all small projects but at least we will have fun :)