First time getting absolutely wet down-to underwear because the start was so pleasant and warm so that situation had build up and sprays and splashes started to dance over the topsides.

Sailing in between lightnings and inside squalls.

And the wind is so loud you stop hearing the hum of the engine.

Or music through speakers.

First time loosing the engine.

Scared to reef in total darkness without engine.

Remembering times when I was thinking that it is enough and it is time to come to the land and stop this nonsence.

First time beeing so lazy to refill fuel tank.

Heeling too much and starting the engine to help to reef the sails when the tank is nearly empty.

Having two 20 minutes naps and waking with the dawn.

Seeing how nicely the boat plays with waves.

First time filling tank with diesel on such rough and wet conditions.

Reading the manual and first time bleeding air from the engine's system.

First time choosing anchorage shelter so deep inside the bay that it took 2 hours to get inside.

Oh, the sea... You are so pretty and charming. Even when you are angry.

High sea

I love it.