While we were stuck in Alcaidesa marina (just across the border of Gibraltar) the nearest chandlery had only Greensol gas bottles (yellow and purple).
After research it seems that those are identical to Camping Gaz only former can store a little bit more gas. Even blue top knobs are from Camping Gaz. So I didn't worry.
Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote were temporarily out of stock so couldn't replace those but then we tried to do that in Fuerteventura.
They were afraid of it not beeing blue color or were out of stock as well. Some ferreterias (hardware stores in spanish, usually they have full replacements, or send you to the one which has it).
I made a random stop at one of ferreterias at the other end of the island and by luck got the last blue bottle and the lady even didn't bother to ask about different color. In the next shop I had to speak my broken spanish for about 5 minutes until old lad agreed after some muttering.
I still have one left and hopefully it will be quite easy to replace it in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

As for advice I would suggest to avoid Greensol bottles, at least in Fuerteventura.