It has been more than 2 years after last haul out job and more than 5 months in very protected but very live with growth Phaeton Bay.

There was a prepared todo list with certain jobs:

  • Sanding
  • Keel rust treatment
  • Wider thru-hull valve
  • Deck cleaning
  • Rust removal from top sides
  • Epoxy on keel rudder scratches
  • Keel joint glue
  • Polish and wax topsides
  • Primer paint
  • Grease in propeller
  • Reverse anchor chain
  • Wash genoa sheets and other lines
  • New anode
  • Make extra dyneema line for baby stay
  • Refill scuba tanks (fail as can't unscrew US fittings).
  • Antifouling

Thank you for all participants for giving the guesses for how long it will take to do it and go back to the water. It was minimum 5 days and max 28 with average of 14.6 days. It actually took 18 days but only because of it was raining a lot! I think it would have taken maybe 12 days if not less.

Good thing it also allowed to me to do some additional tasks while waiting for dryer days:

  • Organise welding for higher wind generator support
  • Speaker sealing fix
  • Sparyhood cover screws and extra velcro on covers for holes
  • New faucet
  • Recrimp battery bank cables
  • More soft schakles

Time to go sailing again with 4 coats of antifouling and hopefully for another 2 years without going on land.

Unfortunately the launch was not perfect as there was a bump while reversing (Alka is at the limit draft required to haul out). After inspection under water it seems that most of my work under keel is lost and also in in some other places steel is exposed to water again. It is possible as well that because of the humidity and rain the antifouling did not dry properly in other spots and moving to different pads it just got squeezed and left ugly grooves.

Lessons learned and time to enjoy an inhabited Tahanea after nearly 400nm trip if the weather will get better during this strange cyclone season :)