First landing in French Polynesia after 2 days and a bit passage from Pitcairn.

Main anchorage in Rikitea

Firstly. Other cruisers come to say hello, bring a pamplemousse (grapefrout) and give all the tips about the anchorage and how to check in.

Secondly. After spending just under a year in Spanish speaking countries and not putting too much effort to learn but being able to communicate - I felt disabled again. Oh well, baby steps, baby steps.

Rikitea from the top of mont Duff
Top of mont Duff à 441 m
Panorama view of Gambier
Also there were festivities for nearly two weeks in July which I was able to attend.
View to Akamaru
Main street in Akamaru
Goats and Alka behind Ile Mekiro
Even found a small reef break to surf while waiting to weather window to sail to Tuamotus but only for a day
Finally used pole spear bought in Bahamas by its purpose. Only some surgeon fish are still edible and do not have ciguatera.
6kg Dogtooth tuna

Fishing was so easy in Gambier while sailing or while exploring with dinghy and catching bonitos or dogtooth tuna.

One of the hiding spots behind Taravai from strong winds
Main village in Taravai
Hervé and his dog (named as Taravai) who is trained to catch goats
After successful morning. That meat melted in my mouth...

Many thanks to Ariki, Valérie and Hervé, who live in Taravai island and welcome cruisers, share their traditions, do amazing potlucks on Sundays and sell fresh goods from their garden. They made the stay in Gambier amazing and wanting to come back one day.

mbtiles in OpenCPN 5.x

Overall more than 2 months in Gambier and I would not have been able to navigate without satellite images from Chartlocker (as Navionics or Cmap are not charted properly and do not mark all bommies) and Compendium files by S/V Soggy Paws. Though it was rainy and windy and a bit cold during the nights sometimes but it was totally worth it!

Motu Taina
Motu Kouaku