This has happened in 2 years now on average per month:

€226.16 - Food.
€185.81 - Going out.
€351.03 - Marinas and dry stays.
€76.50  - Fuel.
€67.26  - Insurance.
€500.00  - Chandlery and other maintenance.
€1406.75 - Total.

This is quite a lot!
And it does not include car rentals, flights, other holidays, personal needs like clothes or shoes.
Plus, I have been spending a bit more for chandlery and tools than added here, so that I could do everything myself. You could live without it, but new feathering propeller, depth transducer, self-steering windvane, larger rigid water tanks or bimini are adding a lot more comfort...
Some gaps do mean I was away from the boat (it doesn't mean I was not eating or going out :).