Let's start from the latest and most frustrating thing!
 Yesterday 608 masthead wind sensor unit died just after 3 months of usage. How do I know that? Because it short circuited whole NMEA network and depth, AIS, autopilot and wind data were just gone. I've spent nearly 2 hours of going through whole boat and looking for an issue (some other units had failed previously and after replacing discontinued parts I had a humble idea where to look for an error) and finally had to climb up the (heavily swinging) mast and to put on half working old unit (IS12) to prove it is the point of failure.

Just image it still happened in Bahamas, but on a move with all that shifting sand, tides and squalls while getting into an anchorage. Luckly it failed after we were safe and quite a while before leaving (I still have no idea why I decided to turn it ON and to check a state).

If you want more... Any Simrad's chartplotter (NSS evo 2) with "auto" distance tracking setting crashes more than 24 hours after starting of sailing. Especially after going into TripIntel feature. That's what happened when I had to do hard hardware reset it and it stopped upgrading. Never above 4.5 version. Whatever I would try to install. After paying all that money...

"The largest developer, manufacturer and distributor of marine electronics for the recreational market". I was a person who believed that it happens only to some but not most. But I was wrong.

More prove? Just ask bellow.