Finally we have met! Menkė po Lova (Cod under the bed) with Billabong sailboat.
We have spent nearly a week on anchors and it was really nice to do daily maintenance jobs, share the tools and knowledge and meet up in the evening for a drink and more stories...

In the mean time I got new display installed.

IS20 Combi

Though I had some problems with new compass. My old autopilot and computer can't execude calibration mode so I had to put it in not so convinient place.

And had to take off and open and cleanup inside wind generator because it wasn't working as before. I couldn't have done it without another pair of hands. Thanks again, Gintaras!

But they have left this morning.


And I am leaving as well as finally I will have reasonable wind window to get to Sardinia or even further. Exciting!